Greig Stevens

working with sound

Along with my design practice, I work as an audio engineer, recording and editing podcasts and recording audio for documentaries and short films. I own a good selection of microphones, audio recorders, mixers and radio mics. Please get in touch below if you have a project that you need help producing

Sound Art

Humans have been exploring the rich complexities of sound since prehistory but it is only relatively recently that artists have began to realize the full potential of sound as artistic expression. The goal of my arts practice research is the exploration of some of these different styles, techniques and approaches, and to reflect on how these contribute to contemporary artistic debate and practice.

A short documentary film about my sound art project retracing the steps of Ulysses around Dublin. The project was displayed at the Museo James Joyce in Trieste.

Limited edition of vinyl artworks produced as part of the Odyssey project

Acoustic ecology

Unfortunately very few of us pay attention to what we're listening to and there is usually something that will distract us. I wanted to experience an untouched soundscape so visited the Danum Valley rainforest in Borneo and did some sound recording using an ORTF mic pattern. Here are the results of jungle slowly waking...

Location Sound Recording

I have successfully recorded sound for a number of productions including the feature film Writing Home, the documentary Geneva: Oil at any Price which was shown on Swiss television and quite a few short films including Dispersion which went on to win many awards for it's dystopian atmosphere where I used 'worldizing' techniques in the soundscape recording.

A short film from KinoGeneva which was filmed in blizzard conditions in the Swiss countryside - a wonderful crew and experience


I have tried many different digital audio workstations (DAW's) but my favourite is WaveLab Cast because of its ease of use and clarity. All of my podcasts and sound art projects are created using this. For film and video work the editor assembles everything (including the sound files) and sends the project to a post-production sound studio which I usually attend.


I enjoy working on podcasts, helping to shape the approach, the location sound recordings, and also the editing process; cleaning dialogue, adding music, stings and effects, and any other sound design elements.


Please get in touch if you have a project that you think might be of interest to me.