Audio branding

Everywhere you go, sounds have been designed to make you feel and behave a certain way, such as the reassuring clunk-click of your car safety-belt, the mouth-watering faux grinding of your coffee machine, and the irritating ringtone that forces you to answer your smartphone

Recorded sound (audio) such as films, documentaries, animations, online logo stings, radio and podcasts are no exception — all have emotional resonance. I became fascinated with audio branding while studying for my film sound recording M.A. degree

I specialise in podcast production but also offer location and studio sound recording for film and documentaries, sound-editing, soundtrack design, stings and logos, voice-over recordings, Foley for animated films, and audio guide recordings

Podcasts are uploaded to iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Spotify

Sonic journalism

I really enjoy, organising, recording and editing interviews, either on location or in the studio, as well as gathering b-roll material such as witness statements, vox pops, or ambience background tracks


During my employment at the New York Times, I helped create interesting stories with articles, photos, videos and online solutions. Drawing on my experience I focus on audio-communication brand messaging


Great productions need great equipment. I use broadcast grade microphones and recording equipment. The files are then sound edited, mixed and mastered digitally

Recording and mixing console for podcasts


I graduated with an M.A. in Creative Media Practice (distinction) from the University of the West of Scotland in 2017. My graduation project Odyssey was exhibited at the Museo Joyce Museum, Trieste, Italy in 2018. I have a B.A. in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins. I was employed by the BBC and The New York Times as a creative director. I’m a member of the National Union of Journalists and the Wildlife Sound Recording Society


I’m active in mentoring programmes, helping students and adults record better sound for their audiovisual projects. I focus on giving students proven techniques, using low-budget recording tools, which will result in high-quality results


I develop artistic research projects around the theme of acoustic ecology. Part of this research includes field trips to natural and urban environments to investigate how human created noise is impacting on the world’s soundscapes

My audiovisual project Odyssey (2017) formed the basis for further research into soundscape ecology and was recently exhibited at the Museo Joyce Museum, Trieste, Italy (2018)