About me
I specialise in product photography using professional cameras and lighting. My style is suitable for e-commerce, advertorials and advertising. I’m based in Dublin (IRL) 
I hold a Master of Arts in Creative Media Practice from the University of the West of Scotland and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design
I’ve worked as a designer in Dublin and London, as an art director in Paris for The International New York Times at the acclaimed T-Brand studio, and as an audio engineer in Geneva.

Curriculum Vitae
2020-21: Self-employed product photographer and audio engineer (IRL/CH)
2016-17: M.A. degree, University of the West of Scotland (UK)
2003-16: Art director, International New York Times (FR)
2001-03: Freelance designer, BBC Worldwide and Condé Nast (UK)
2000-01: Art director, Irish Tatler (IRL)
1995-00: Deputy art editor, BBC Worldwide (UK)
1993-94: Graphic designer, Wave Design and Dorling Kindersley (UK)
1989-91: B.A. degree, Central Saint Martins (UK)

Exhibitions and awards
2018: Sound art project Odyssey (2017) exhibited at Museo James Joyce (ITL)
2015: Outdoor Studio Photographic Award for wildlife photography (first prize)
2009: Internationalist Award for Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions (silver medal)