Kino Geneva is a fantastic event bring professionals and amateurs together to make short films. The event lasts two weeks and over 30 short films are made and then screened at the Alhambra cinema in Geneva.

I was involved in three films all of which were well received. The films are being sent to film festivals at the moment and will hopefully have some more news in 2019.

Apart from dialogue recording, ‘Dispersion’ involved some ‘worldizing’ recording techniques to record the sound of a deadpan computer voice, and the sounds of buzzing florescent lights to create a distopian future soundscape.
‘Edmond’ was a fast paced shoot, recorded during a couple of very cold snowy days around Geneva. Part of the shoot involved working with a Steadycam operator, so trying to stay in step without recording our footsteps was a big challenge –– especially in the snow.
‘On The Edge’ was shoot in a studio full of lights, one of the greatest challenges was trying to find a boom position. Post-Production included layering up the design and adding in the sounds of a party, such as drinks with clinking ice-cubes.

The big project of 2017 for me was ‘Writing Home’, a feature film that required 6 weeks of on location filming plus some foley recordings. The film is finely acted romantic comedy starring Tony KellyCaoimhe O’MalleyGeraldine McAlinden

Apart from the on-screen talent, a group of dedicated individuals worked very hard behind the scenes, and as a result the film won a ‘Learning on Screen’ premier award. Needless to say the sound recording was a big part of its success

This is a personal project inspired by my visit to the Normandy beaches where my grandfather landed on D-Day as part of the liberation forces. He had also been evacuated from Dunkirk and retired by the sea — so beaches were a big part of his life

This is the first video that I ever created in support of mental health issues. Every year, in most cities and towns across Ireland a charity walk takes place to raise funds for Pieta House. This event took place on a grey, cold and wet spring morning in Skerries, Ireland