Tides of Time
'Tides of Time' was a highly successful multimedia project combining print, web and video content to increase awareness of the important work being achieved by the UNESCO Marine Heritage Program. It was a triumverate partnership between UNESCO, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and The International Herald Tribune (International New York Times). As creative director I took a lead role in the design and content creation -- the campaign won a silver medal innovative digital design award (The Internationalist). The project also helped raise the necessary funds and awareness to increase the number of protected marine world heritage sites from 23 to 46 and also led to the creation of marine corridors between the sites. A commemorative watch was also created using the logo and colours which was auctioned to raise more funds for the program.

BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas sponsor awards for outstanding work in the field of philanthropy. A multimedia project was created featuring newspaper advertorials (double and single pages) and an expandable online advert featuring videos of all the recipients of the philanthropic awards.

This project was developed to see how I could repurpose content from a client print magazine that I had designed and printed, to see how it could work digitally as an iPad digital magazine app. The project allowed me to create interactive content including maps, videos and slide shows.
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