Dispersion (2018)
From a sound recording perspective this stylish film posed difficulties with the width of the  wide angle shots. It was difficult to get the boom close to the actors to record clean dialogue. At one point I was on a ladder booming from the ceiling to get as close to the actors as possible. Heavy on long silences with buzzing fluorescent light fittings and combining 'worldizing' recording techniques, I am delighted the way the sound recording adds to the dystopian atmosphere. Language: French

Edmond (2018)
This delightful film is dialogue intense and driven by masterful performances from the actors. It was a fairly straight forward shoot for sound, boom housed in a blimp with wind cover, and a couple of wireless lapel mics. However the weather was atrocious and the Swiss countryside was unforgiving with driving snow, wind, freezing temperatures and muddy fields. Language: French

On The Edge (2018)
The party atmosphere of this film included a set with hundreds of lights and streamers which made it difficult to find a spot for the boom (avoiding the boom in shots, shadows and reflections). I also created the sound design in post production.

Writing Home (2017)
As part of my masters degree in digital filmmaking I recorded the sound on the feature film 'Writing Home' a romantic comedy set in the fictional town of Darlingford, filmed mostly on location around Dublin and the Carlingford Peninsula in County Louth (Ireland). The film gave me a hands-on experience and allowed me to master the technical and creative challenges of location sound recording.
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