This partnership with the BBC promoted their tv series on the history of classical music. 
Client: Credit Suisse

Wind is Power
A series of advertising supplements exploring the world of wind energy.
Client: Vestas

Ear for Opera
A monthly series of advertising supplements looking at the fascinating world of opera. Client: Rolex

Destination Scandinavia
A series on the major capital cities in Scandinavia.
Client: SAS

The World of Music
A monthly series of advertising supplements looking at the world's greatest opera houses. Client: Rolex

Global Fund
This advertising supplement focused on the important work being done to prevent and treat the spread of AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. The design reflected the colour coding of these three areas of activity within the charity organisation. Client: The Global Fund

You Inc.
This series looked at the role technology is playing in the way we live and define ourselves.
Client: Zurich

Tipping Point
Inspired by Malcolm Gladwell's book, this series looked at how little things can make a big difference.
Client: Lexus

Art of our Time
This series focused on the contemporary art exhibitions at the Fondation Cartier in Paris.
Client: Fondation Cartier
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